About Application

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Important Steps about Installing App

  • Kindly download the Application from either of the above links as applicable on your smartphone. After download, the App is visible on your screen as below and is highlighted (encircled) for your attention.
    App icon on your Phone
  • Kindly click the App icon to open it. The Home Screen is visible as seen below. Next to Home tab on the bottom left of the Home Screen, click the MY WORKSHOP tab which is highlighted (encircled) below for your attention.
    App Home Page
  • Upon clicking MY WORKSHOP tab, login screen will appear as below. Kindly enter your login credentials as created by you / provided to you (kindly check your credentials with admin if needed).
    App Login Screen
  • Upon logging in, you arrive to the below screen. kindly click the MY WORKSHOP tab again as highlighted (encircled) below.
  • Upon clicking MY WORKSHOP tab, you arrive to the space where all the workshops purchased by you have been given access on the App, as shown below. Kindly select your favorite Workshop and enjoy the unlimited access to the video. Also you can download the Recipe PDF from here for quick access.
    Your Workshops on App

If you still have any doubts about the App, pls don't hesitate to contact the admin on WhatsApp # +91-9825006243.